Welcome to Encore Health! An innovative network of health knowledge & assistance created with passion & understanding, so that children will grow up healthier and be able to pursue their dreams.

Combining comprehensive strategies with common sense, Encore Health is about putting children on the path to a healthy future at every stage of their growth and development. This network gives parents and teachers helpful information and fostering environments that support healthy choices in the greater community.
Encore Health provides different pathways for you to consider which strategies match up with resources and interests in your family & community; featuring platforms and tools relating to child nutrition and physical activity, and targeted towards developing a national change in community action to maximize resources, work together and set benchmarks toward improving health for all.

5 pillars of the Health initiative:

    1. Creating a health-focused learning environment for children- at home, school, and in the community
    2. Empowering parents and caregivers through understanding & educational tools
    3. Providing healthy food awareness in schools and increasing physical activity, through community based action plans with emphasis on everyone getting involved
    4. Improving access to health education that is easily adaptable to individuals & families, with roles models from all areas of the community
    5. Delivering comprehensive lifestyle & health education to promote responsibility & accountability as children grow & develop; continuing positive health habits for a better future


“It’s about children’s behaviour, parent’s behaviour, and community behaviour creating change together. Be a role model. Children who see parents & community leaders enjoying healthy foods and being physically active are more likely to do the same.” – Dr. Rachel Murphy

Parents and caregivers can set a great example for the whole family by creating a healthy environment at home. Any combination of steps-making fruits and vegetables part of every meal, limiting unhealthy treats, walking and spending time being active together, even shopping together- can collectively make a real difference in children’s lives and help build healthy habits for life.

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in children making healthy choices and shaping lifelong healthy habits. Kids learn about healthy eating from their family and from the food served at home and in their community. In today’s busy convenience-focussed world, figuring out the healthier choices isn’t always easy. Parents and caregivers need a community of support. That’s why encouraging everyone to get involved will make the greatest change.


Helping children enjoy a healthy start in childcare and early education programs is critical to solving the problem of children with chronic lifestyle-induced illnesses. 1 in 5 children is overweight or obese by age 6. With 48% of Australian children aged 0-11 attending childcare programs such as daycare, occasional care, and out of school hours care including holidays programs nationwide, child care providers have the powerful opportunity to instill healthy choices that could help improve children health, prevent childhood obesity, increase physical activity, create better food habits & improve communication between educators & parents from the start.

Encore Health encourages parents and early education providers to meet 5 goals:

  1. Increase Physical Activity- 
Provide 1-2 hours of physical activity throughout the day, including outside play when possible.
  2. Reduce Screen Time-
 No screen time for children under 2 years. For children age 2 and older, strive to limit screen time to no more than 30 minutes per week during child care time, and work with parents and caregivers to ensure children have no more than 1-2 hours of quality screen time per day (as recommended by the World Health Organisation.)
  3. Improve Food Choices- 
Serve fruits or vegetables at every meal, eat meals family-style whenever possible, and do not serve processed packaged foods, or any fried foods.
  4. Provide Healthy Beverages-
 Provide access to water during meals and throughout the day, and do not serve sugar-sweetened drinks.
  5. Encourage discussion, involvement and interaction of children towards consistent implementation of health awareness and education between children & their peers.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, or involved community member, you can make a difference. Everyone has a role to play, and by working together, schools can be assisted to support children to lead active, successful lives.


“Health professionals are in the best position to assist in the improvement of children’s health habits because they are dedicated to children’s health and well-being, and build long-term trusting relationships with families. They are also trusted leaders and advocates in the community.” – Dr. Rachel Murphy

Encore Health aims to consciously develop ways in which everyone can learn to motivate themselves and others; to take action to improve their health. Furthermore providing recommendations of health professionals who can also assist you with the development, management & enhancement of your quality of life.
Encore Health clinic awareness seeks to engage health care professionals through clinical efforts and actions to work with patients to address negative impacts on children development. Health care professionals directly impact children’s health, and each consultation is an opportunity to help children understand the importance of good nutrition and physical activity—from their earliest moments of life right through to adulthood. That’s why health care professionals can make a real difference in solving the problem of childhood illness by working together with children and their families in clinics, practices, homes, schools and neighbourhoods. Encore Health encourages other health care professionals to provide advice & activity recommendations for healthy, active living, to provide directions for posture and developmental awareness, good nutrition and physical activity along with information for families about the impact of healthy habits and regular physical activity on overall health. Working together improving health for all is fundamentally important.

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