General Health

There’s no set program, package or policy of ‘how’ to improve your health & lifestyle. Encore Health is here to provide resources, ideas & real-life facts behind the ‘why’ of better health choices, assisting you to discover your own individual reasons & areas of your health you want to improve, for everyday, and for a gratifying future ahead.

With the information provided, Encore Health aims to create a widespread positive change in the community, by sharing resources & assisting you to motivate and encourage others who decide to change lifestyle habits for the better, including switching to better food choices, and increasing physical activity.

The most important thing is not to feel that you need to change everything right now! Choosing one or two fundamentals that make sense for your life, that you feel you have the capacity to implement, is the perfect start! You can then build on you success and choose different components of a healthy lifestyle when you want to continue to expand your efforts. Explore the links below for information on General Health topics…


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