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Encore Health - Establish a strong foundation for lifelong health - by Dr. Rachel Murphy

Encore Health embodies the passion for promotion of real-life health awareness and education within communities.

  • Medical Wellness Speaker
  • Lifestyle Educator
  • Osteopath- Paediatric / Obstetric
  • Qualified Nutritionist
  • Children’s Health Advocate
To promote a healthy and compassionate lifestyle platform through professional health assistance on body mechanics, nutrition, exercise, stress, posture, sleep, personal development and everyday wellbeing.

To provide information and inspiration with an energetic approach to healthy living: educating those who are passionate about their health.

To establish quality teaching programs within the community by providing ideas and information through positive health messages to implement into daily life.

Encore Health embodies the passion for promotion of real-life health awareness and education within communities.Optimum health is a balanced combination of- Education, Preparation, Activation and Preservation.

Everyday I am honoured to assist my patients on their journey to embrace their health in every capacity, utilising the power of growth and development to enable the body to restore function throughout different stages of life.¬†Wellness takes community action and Encore Health is about providing knowledge to reach out to those who are not yet living with optimal health, and supporting those who’s journey is ever-evolving.

Encore Health represents passion and commitment to encouraging positive health awareness for individuals, families and the greater community that can be implemented in today’s world, enabling a better tomorrow for all.

Information given on this page is for educational purposes only. For medico-legal reasons, individual health and medical advice cannot be given. Information is not for individual diagnostic, prescription or treatment purposes. Always consult your personal health professional if you require specific assistance with a medical condition, or before making any significant changes to your exercise or nutrition program to clarify if those choices are right for you.


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