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Hydrate for your health

Cold weather, hot weather; during activity and at rest- our bodies always need hydration! Some helpful ways to see how water can benefit your health today:

COLD Water:

– Causes the body to generate energy to warm up the water to use it- increasing metabolism.

– Helps cool down the body after exercise & regulate blood temperature.

– Constricts blood vessels, which slows hydration & absorption ability- Slowing digestion.

– Solidifies fats from food, causing body to work harder to digest it.

Warm Water:

– Soothes blood vessels (vasodilation), allowing better hydration into muscle and organ tissue.

– Keeps you feeling full for longer between meals.

– Helps nice fats along during digestion, reducing risk of clogged arteries.

– Helps to flush the kidneys removing toxins & regulates bowel motions.

– Reduces fever & enables the body to fight off a virus easier.


Whichever way you drink it, your body and mind will LOVE you for it!

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