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Life Lessons Passed On By Every Loving Mother

A celebration of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude this Mother’s Day, reflecting on the important life lessons passed on by every loving Mother:

1. Happiness is a choice you make everyday. Choose to be happy and love yourself, so that others can love you too. Avoid negative people.

2. Patience is a virtue- Just wait it out. When facing an impossible task/decision, never be afraid to sleep on it.

3. Life is too precious not to jump into your Dreams now! Worrying ‘What-if’ will stay with you forever; stop waiting, start doing.

4. Age is nothing but Life Experience. How well you use your years is all about the value of vitality, and having passion for what you do everyday.

5. Cooking is the foundation of a happy life – so you can feed yourself, stay healthy, save money & share love by entertaining others. Eat like royalty and be modest with material expenses.

6. You MUST learn to budget. Say No to Credit; Debt ties you down.

7. Take Photos as often as you can, even if you think you don’t look good. The time is quick to pass & you will have saved a precious memory.

8. Too many opinions can affect your decisions – While advice can be good, drama comes about by seeking many points of view. Trust your own judgment, not all people have your best interest at heart, this is only natural.

9. Never judge a person based on a single action. People are complex; anyone can have a bad day. It’s not always about you. Learn to listen.

10. The World doesn’t ‘owe’ You. If you want something, work for it. Then work some more. You must prove yourself worthy before any entitlement is yours.

11. Read, Teach, Volunteer, and Travel- push yourself to try new things- it will keep you humble.

12. Don’t hold grudges. It’s hard but if you want to succeed you must Let It Go! Show compassion instead.

13. When you marry, you marry a family. With marriage, you don’t just get the person you marry; their morals, habits, values, genetics, culture, language and anything at home that contributed to their upbringing (the good & the not-so-good). Inclusive of all this, you gain new family members – you want to make sure that you are aware & accepting of the entire package when you have kids, you’ll truly understand what it’s like to love someone more than yourself.

14. Parenting is always perfect; perfectly IMPERFECT!

15. Always live with Love, Honesty, and Purpose- around those, your can create your own rules!


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