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Self-confident children + Guidance = Empowered Adults!

Guiding the growth and development of strong, resilient, happy children is not all about a healthy body; a healthy mindset is vitally important to set them up with the focus, belief and self-confidence to achieve their best in life!

Whether it’s in the home, school or sports environment, or working with health professionals in a clinical setting, communicating self-worth, self-confidence & self-esteem is a critical area of health that can shape a child’s future! Check your local library, school, or look online & share them with friends & family to encourage others to build better communication with children as they learn & grow.

Below is a list of great reads for children and parents together, of which some will highlighted on the website in the coming months. Teach them to embrace their dreams, show them to love life & guide them to succeed in all that they do!


**Juniors (3-8 years)**

The Crown on Your Head (being unique)

Have Your Filled Your Bucket Today (reward in helping others)

The Dot (releasing anger)

I’m Gonna Like Me (be proud of being unique)

Spaghetti In A Hotdog Bun (doing the right thing)

I Like Myself (appreciating yourself)

It’s Okay to Be Different (embracing individuality)

Happy To Be Me (being yourself)

Beautiful Oops (moving on from mistakes)

The Little Engine That Could (positive thinking)

Rachel Has Eczema (children with health conditions)

Be Positive (confidence activities for children & parents)

Feel Confident (self- acceptance)

Amazing Grace (differences)


**Pre-teens (9-13 years)**

Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands (overcoming failure)

Affirmation Believer (managing stress & anxiety)

Stick Up For Yourself (bullying, self-expression)

Better Than You (bragging and ego)

Stand Up Molly Lou Lemon (bullying, being unique)

Beautiful Girl (girls embracing their body)

Being Me (building confidence)

Brave New Girl (confidence)

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No (peer pressure)


**Teens to adults (14 & older)**

Doable (setting goals, achieving your dreams)

Banish Your Self-Esteem Thief- workbook (fun activities to build self-esteem)

Deenie (overcoming illness- scoliosis)

Bring Your ‘A’ Game (empowerment, mental strength)

Turn The Ship Around (taking responsibility for your actions)

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie (family crisis, appreciation)

Rules (autism in family, appreciating differences)

The Running Dream (life changes, hope, adversity)

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