“We can no longer ignore the epidemic in Australia of health-detached families that are unhealthy, stressed and unhappy, and it’s filtering through to school and work place productivity, student and staff consistency levels and inevitably results in society of sickness. It’s not just costing millions of dollars; it’s costing people’s lives, and the statistics don’t lie, it’s our choice to make a positive change!” – Dr Rachel Murphy


Education workshops are individually designed for groups in specific areas of health awareness and improvement. This can include students, teachers, parents, children and teens with parents together, mothers groups, sporting clubs and community groups, workplaces, and any other group looking for everyday education for better health.

All discussions are open and targeted towards:

  • Implementing healthier and more nutritious family meal standards: ensuring children are offered both fruits and vegetables every day of the week, increasing unprocessed whole grain-rich foods, ensuring proper portion sizes and reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium
  • Engaging young people in learning about nutrition and making balanced and healthy choices everyday
  • Building confidence in children to develop an understanding of the value of healthy food, and how this impacts their health positively
  • Homes, schools & workplaces improving standards’ of healthy living and nutrition by learning and experiencing the benefits
  • Children learning many lessons about healthy living and well-being in community-based settings that set the foundation for their lifestyles as adults
  • Encouraging you to Lead, Organize & Take Action to make your sports or community association a place of wellness. To organize a wellness committee and commit to working toward these action steps together
  • Encouraging families in your community to make small, simple changes to their daily lives: Families can add a side of fruit or veggies to every meal, drink more water and skim milk, go for family walks and focus on communication with each other in the home
  • Engaging parents, families, teenagers, children, schools, and communities in an effort to promote healthy living and ensure access to affordable and healthy food
  • Providing achievable action steps that you can use to build on the foundation of the Encore Health “5 pillars of the Health” initiative.

Encore Health “5 pillars of the Health” initiative:

  1. Creating a health-focused learning environment for children- at home, school, and in the community building healthy mindset practices for their future
  2. Empowering parents and caregivers through understanding & educational tools to develop community awareness to learn from peers and role models
  3. Providing healthy food awareness in schools and increasing physical activity, through community based action plans with emphasis on everyone getting involved
  4. Improving access to health education that is easiy to understand & is adaptable to individuals & families, with roles models from all areas of the community
  5. Delivering complete lifestyle & health education to promote responsibility & accountability as children grow & develop, continuing positive health habits for a better future

All of the tools, experience, motivation and support are here to improve you health, live your dream life for the rest of your life! You’ll learn sustainable lessons for you daily life, to assist you achieving every aspiration you have. Children learn from those they spend the most time with, and are constantly absorbing lessons about supporting, motivating and inspiring each other. That is why Encore Health is here for everyone!

To receive more details of education and corporate workshops, including full workshop information, time structures and pricing, please contact me here.


Encore Health education seminars enable students to develop and apply education curriculum to communicate socially appropriate health habits associated with the teachings in your school community. Curriculum workshops are designed to encourage young people to identify key components of healthy lifestyle including the understanding of how nutrition plays an important role in their daily life; the impact of nutritional choices on their body, mind, and energy levels; reducing consumption of unhealthy foods for better living; and the significance of regular physical activity. Workshops are tailored specifically to the age group of the audience to enable high interaction and relation within which the topic discussion is being delivered.

The seminars are most importantly about fun and interactive! With topics specifically tailored towards the age of the audience, including activities such as guessing games, music, art and movement for children. They love it! And they will love teaching others how fun good health really is!

A health-promoting school approach is an internationally recognised best practice approach for enhancing health, learning and development outcomes, with six component focuses:

1. Healthy Policies

  • School community policies consistently adhere to methods and practices necessary to support a physical and social environment which encourages health and well being

2. Healthy Physical surroundings

  • The physical environment stimulates and supports healthy choices and lifestyle practices, complementing the health models taught in the curriculum

3. Healthy Social surroundings

  • Acceptance, equality and respect are demonstrated, and an appreciation for difference of every individual is upheld

4. Education and Assistance

  • Curriculum structure supports education pathways and practices for children and young adults to develop an understanding and aptitude of practices to improve health and wellbeing

5. Inspiring children, young adults, educators and families

  • Practices are developed to motivate and inspire children, young adults, educators and family groups as essential contributors to improving health and wellbeing

6. Links within the community

  • Associations with local health professionals, services and the wider community increase the potential health promotion, and support the needs of children, young adults and their families’ health and wellbeing

For a community health-promoting program to be successful it must:

    1. Be upheld by the service provider- school, kindergarden, sports club
    2. Be reinforced by management and staff
    3. Be united with service procedures and practices
    4. Reflect and incorporate the requirements of the whole service
    5. Value the connection between health and education
    6. Be embodied by the service culture and educational agenda
    7. Involve educators, staff, children and families as a collective unit


Motivational Speaking for children, parents and educators created to inform and educate in a way to bring excitement, hope and inspiration as you realise ways to overcome those daily life challenges to get a balanced, happy lifestyle with a healthy family.

To enquire further about Encore Health or to book your next event or workshop, please contact me here.

“Our school had Rachel speak recently with a room full of stressed and time-poor parents and teachers. She was well prepared, lovely, compassionate and very, very knowledgeable. We walked away feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered by the tips she discussed. I would recommend Rachel again and again”. – Michelle, working mum of 3

For schools, families and community groups participating in the ‘Healthy Together Victoria’ program, these workshops will count towards your recognition points in the Health Priority areas.

Would you like Dr Rachel Murphy to visit your school, business or community group? … Click here to make an enquiry.

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