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Sperm health and lifestyle connection

It takes about three months for the male body to complete a cycle of sperm production. So make these easy lifestyle changes to benefit your future today!

There are some simple lifestyle factors that you may not be aware of that can significantly influence your ability to become a father, whether now, or possibly in your future plans…


Some highly influential factors include-


– The testicles are outside your body for a reason- they are happiest at 34.5 degrees C, (just below normal body temperature.) They need this cooler environment to produce the best-quality sperm.

– If you work in a hot environment, including sitting for long periods, be sure to take regular breaks as raised testicle temperature can affect sperm’s ability to mature, leading to poorer sperm quality and a drop in sperm production.

– Also avoid using electric blankets, sitting laptops on your lap, and keep hot spas/baths and sauna use to occasional.

– Avoid tight fitting clothing to assist sperm motility (so they are strong and swim in the right direction!)

– The cause for concern with cycling is TRUE- more than 5 hours per week of intense cycling leads to poor sperm count and function. Sitting on a bike for long periods can decrease blood flow to your genitals, which can lead to erection problems. (**if cycling is your commute to work or a hobby- lift yourself off the seat now and again. Also consider a wider, padded bicycle seat that won’t compress your testicles, or wear padded cycling shorts. See a doctor if you feel any numbness or pain or have erection problems after cycling.)


Alcohol and Drugs:

-Men who drink heavily on a regular basis have lowered sperm counts and testosterone levels.

Safe drinking recommendations are no more than three to four standard drinks of alcohol, no more than 3 days per week. Heavy drinking can affect sexual function.

– Not surprisingly, heavy drug use damages sperm. But using illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis or anabolic steroids even used casually can also lower the quality of your sperm, which hugely reduces your fertility.


So guys – man up – live a healthy lifestyle, clean up your diet, manage your stress, engage in regular exercise and support your lady.

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