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Time to start loving your Liver

Your liver is essential not only for everyday vitality, but your best chance at optimum health for a happy life! As well as blood filtration and detoxification, it is your metabolic powerhouse & make no mistake, liver abuse WILL catch up with you! Your liver needs to be nurtured; it has an amazing regenerative function, meaning if one cell is damaged, it will re-grow another, providing there is not an imbalance of chronic repetitive damage occurring. Common habits that weaken the liver are lack of sleep, dehydration, excess sugar consumption, processed foods- additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, stress, overuse of medications, smoking and alcohol.

– Garlic activates liver enzymes to help flush out toxins. It also contains Allicin and Selenium to assist cleansing. Enjoy garlic cooked in food or cut into small pieces and swallow it raw to boost liver function.

– Eat your Greens! Loaded with chlorophyll, leafy green vegetables help eliminate toxins from your blood and body tissues. Eat raw, lightly cooked still bright in colour or add to juices.

– Plentiful amounts of Fruits, leafy greens and other vegetables, all great sources of antioxidants, will give the body enough beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, zinc and selenium to help keep the liver healthy.

– Turmeric is your liver’s best friend! It helps boost liver detoxification by activating enzymes that flush out dietary carcinogens.

– Vitamin B12 is used by the liver to help with the flow of bile and other B vitamins assist liver detoxification, and they can be found in meat, nuts and seeds, egg yolks, poultry, fish, legumes and brown.

– Lecithin helps the liver get rid of excess fat. Good sources of lecithin include egg yolks, legumes, wheatgerm and fish.

– Sulphur, which helps with detoxification in the liver, is found in fish and lean meat, eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, onions, leeks, garlic and dried legumes.

– For supplementation, Milk Thistle’s active ingredient Silymarlin stimulates protein synthesis by changing the external layer of liver cells which is blocking toxins, and flushes them from the body.

Take care of your liver and it will take care of you!

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